Week 15: Big Data

The series of readings this week touched on a bit of an alarming and intrusive trend with regards to how some employers are conducting interviews. Other articles discussed big data or how data is collected and used by others to market products, services or ads.

Have you ever had an interview where they asked to see your Facebook page? How would you really respond to this? I think I would be quite shocked at the notion along with refusing to participate in such requests. I mean whats next would they want me to empty my pockets to see what I am carrying or would they want the keys to my house or car to snoop through. I have heard of many bold requests during an interview process but once you cross the line into somones personal zone that can get a bit sticky.

The article on Linkedin shed quite a bit of light on other data processes. I have a Linkedin account and often use it to look up various contacts for the most part our for the groups and information shared. I’m not even sure when I joined Linkedin as it was one of the sites that seemed to harvest information for a portion of time similar to lesser known entities such as Spoke, Zoominfo, and Jigsaw . The data Linkedin has collected based on the talent and individuals information is quite amazing and is beyond just a collection of resumes and profiles. I can see in the future when they have mapped out graphs, companies will be able target where to place there operations based on the available talent.

Do you rely on any sort of big data on your job? If not, could you find any use going forward?


4 thoughts on “Week 15: Big Data

  1. I have not been asked for my Facebook password in an interview. However, I would inform them that they are welcome to view my public page if they can find it. I do not take kindly to the prospect that employers ever thought this would be a good idea. The privacy breach, not to mention that they, with your password, could do whatever they wanted on your page including post, delete, and message people.

    We deal with data, but not on the scale that we are discussing in this section of the course. We do try to monitor and adapt to the needs of the customers and provide a better product via survey results though.


    • Hey Kat, I’m with you on that with the privacy issues. I try to control all information that I put out there on the internet, as the saying goes once posted it never disappears.


  2. I have never been asked to give my Facebook username and password during a job interview. The idea is preposterous. I do not see how it doesn’t violate human resources ethics. I would never give out my user name and password of any website that I use for personal reasons to anyone without a legal warrant. This is a clear violation of privacy.

    I do rely on big data for parts of my job. Without getting into specifics, I feel like much of the data that we (my employer) collect is unnecessary, but some of it is very useful. I think we should update our collection process so that we do not collect more than we need.


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