Week 12: Aggregators

This weeks topic on aggregation of content touched on the rapid emergence of online aggregators which has pretty much revolutionized the way that content is delivered.

The article “Spain set to introduce new law against aggregators” touched on a touchy subject about the ethics of aggregation and issues with linking to stories today. The legislation introduced in Spain is set to prevent aggregators from reproducing content without payment. On one hand aggregators present collected information to a wider audience giving many smaller news sites some exposure. On the other hand news sites have been complaining that they do not get the appropriate amount of click through to their sites and aggregators have prevented their growth.

The Chicago Tribune article “Media, old and new, takes heat for Boston coverage” showed how easy prominent journalist and news sites can be misinformed and circulate wrong information. Social media sites came under fire for rushing to judgment when a wrong suspect was named in the Boston marathon bombing. This gave a poor reflection and hindered the search in a tragic situation.

Reddit has launched an etiquette guideline for journalists to provide a proper way to respect the community when sourcing content. The issues with image credits and hot linking were also common complaints which Reddit tried to addressed.

The Winterberry Group white paper provided an in-depth report covering a shift in marketing that is now being based off “ Big Data” or the massive amounts of information now being generated. Marketers are able to optimize their information to deliver more efficient ads.

Questions to the readers:

Do you currently use any news aggregators?

Do you believe that aggregators should have to pay for reproducing content?


5 thoughts on “Week 12: Aggregators

  1. I don’t actually use an news aggregators to get my content. I do get most of news from social media, but those mediums allow me to click through to the original news site to read the article.

    I think the question of making news aggregators pay the sites they aggregate from is really interesting. There’s no doubt the publishing industry is struggling, and aggregators play a role in that. And the aggregators wouldn’t have a product if news sites weren’t producing content. I don’t think it would be unreasonable to ask aggregators to compensate the sites they pull from, especially when you consider that they couldn’t exist with out the content.


    • Business is business so the formation of a fee maybe the way things go in the end but I’m still under the impression though that aggregators generate a large portion of traffic that websites receive through click throughs.


  2. I don’t actively use a news aggregator. Most of my news comes from social media (Facebook) and word of mouth. If a news topic interests me, then I will seek out new sources and new information from more reputable sites.

    I think if the relationship between the aggregators and content creators was more symbiotic then it wouldn’t be an issue. However, not everyone wants to get along. I do think there needs to be some sort of check and balance system, if this includes paying for content if you can’t play nice, so be it.


  3. Like the others said, I don’t use a news aggregator. I do get most of my content from social media, and I have noticed that the majority of my friends share from the same sources. It is a little annoying to see them post something from Gawker or HuffPo that I know came from another site like reddit or Twitter, but that’s the nature of the beast I suppose.

    I think that if news aggregators would have to pay for content they would be less likely to “lift” or steal it, but I don’t think it’s very practical in the long run. The internet tends to go in circles when it comes to content.


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