Week 11: Reputation Management

reviewsThis weeks topic of reputation management struck a chord in quite a few ways for me. I tend to crowd source reviews whether its a product, place, or companies reputation. I have taken to social media before to review not only negative experiences but positive as well. This has helped me to resolve previous issues and also share the same feedback from others in my circle. The adweek article  by Lucia Moses presented an infographic with the top 5 reasons U.S. based internet users use social media for customer service.

No matter the size of your business your online reputation is one of the most critical elements for continued success. A bad review, rant or blog post can result in a negative effect for any business. Tracking tools are now more than ever prevalent and used to measure the sentiment of posted articles, comments or feedback from an online audience.

Customer Service: The Missing Link

The next two articles “Online Reputation: The Only Asset Worth Protecting” and “Reputation Management is Becoming Increasingly Important For Businesses & Individuals” further demonstrated the rise and use of reputation management companies to remove negative online impressions and control the digital footprints of their clients. A customer who feels that they have received bad treatment or did not get value for their money often screams the loudest online.

The increased use of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter and review sites such as Yelp, Trip Advisor and Amazon have created a platform for users to share positive and negative experiences online.

Reverse SEO has been used often to improve results by pushing negative pages further down the search results and push positive or neutral results higher up the page. It was noted that 94% of people never click on a link past the first page meaning that it is important to ensure that the majority of the search results on the first page of search engines is positive.

Questions to the Readers:
Has social media affected the way you view a certain business?

Have you ever boycotted a company based on online reviews?

Have you ever managed a corporate social media account or responded to complaints by online users?


8 thoughts on “Week 11: Reputation Management

  1. I can’t think of a particular business that has effected my view of it through social media, but I do think more positively of companies that try to engage their customers through social media. Its a great opportunity for a company to see what it’s customers are saying and respond, and I think good responses always make me like a company more.

    I’ve never boycotted a company based on reviews, but reviews definitely impact my decision to buy things. If I’m buying something online, I almost never make my purchase before hunting around for reviews. I take them with a grain of salt of course, but they definitely impact whether or not I’ll buy something online.

    I manage a social media account for a small coalition of nonprofits, but we’re so small that I don’t think we’ve ever gotten a negative message to respond to. I imagine if we did that it would be someone opposed to our policy goals, in which case I probably would try to see if I could clarify something or send them our research.


  2. I would have to say I have “boycotted” a company based on their online reviews. However I believe it was more of me just not buying their products. In a way I can see this as boycotting a company, but it was simply because they did not make the quality of products that I was looking for. I think an example of this would be sharper image, back before they went bankrupt. Theirs stores where always very neat to go into. However if you ever bought anything in there you new it broke after a few uses. Most of their products where poorly made. After a couple attempts at their products, I just stopped buying there.


    • Hey Kevin,
      I guess as we can see sometimes the best way to vote is with your wallet and in Sharper Images case they did not last. This reminds of an article that I read this week. The author is a popular tech blogger who shared his bad experience with a company. The funny thing is he found out that all this time they were ripping him off on prices and offering a poor service and when he left all of a sudden they had all these deals and offers but it was too late. Check out the story here: http://terrywhite.com/im-done-network-solutions/


  3. Social media does affect the way I view some businesses. A lot of my liked pages on Facebook show in my feed. I appreciate the effort that League of Legends and Big Cat Rescue put into their updates. While I already felt positively towards them, the fact that they care enough about their product/cats to post relevant information almost daily is heartwarming. In contrast, hearing how some companies respond on social media has tainted my views on them.

    Boycotted is a strong word, but I have bought the same product from other places if the reviews of the company are poor. This especially applies to eBay sales.


  4. Social media has absolutely affected the way I view a couple businesses. I used to “follow” a particular business, but their posts were so annoying and unedited that it made me think less of them overall. A similar situation happened with a different local business. Their posts were so spammy and irrelevant to their business, that I stopped taking them seriously. I have never boycotted a company exclusively from reviews. It would take a personal bad experience to make me want to boycott a company. I have never managed a social media account, but this week’s reading has me really curious about Publix’s escalation plan and how they run the social media account.


  5. I wouldn’t say that social media has deterred me from buying products or using services from a company. I only follow companies that I will have coupons or giveaways online or that post when new products come out. I don’t want my social media feeds to become flooded with company information, especially if it involves a company and a customer arguing. If I’m happy with their service and their products, then I don’t particularly care about how they present themselves in social media. I have not bought a product because of negative reviews. I am more likely to be skeptical about a product if it has negative reviews. I don’t know if I would boycott the company, but I probably wouldn’t buy a specific product. And I might be more skeptical to come back to that company for another product if I’ve read bad reviews before.

    I managed a help forum online for a job once. People can be really mean online! It never really got to me though because they aren’t angry at you, and the internet is a perfect, anonymous place to voice whatever you want without having to face another human being. I always tried to be as helpful and polite as possible. And I always tried to follow up with them if I could.


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