Week 10: Social Analytics and CRM

Many big brands have created and are now focused and armed with experts creating and monitoring their social media strategies. Even the University of Florida has dedicated an entire Masters degree to the Social Media field. This weeks readings touched on several topics and ideas that creatives can find resourceful.

Shane Kite’s article  Social CRM’s a Tough, Worthy Goal, broke down a case study on Bank of the West and a promotion they ran to open new accounts. Social media sites and blogs brought in the most new customers which proved social media has clearly defined a spot in marketing efforts of any brand trying to reach expand on their audience.

The Effective Social Media Analytics article by Danny Bradbury, described the collection of data and how users are creating a digital foot print with every post on social networks. Tools for measuring engagement success were touched upon and is something I am using in my work environment as well.

Effects of the Recession on Public Mood in the UK was a great read on analyzing the public’s sentiments and gauging their reactions at various times. At my job I use tool that we subscribe to called “Meltwater” news. It is a PR tool used for brand management and crisis management as well with a tool that can gauge how positive or negative certain news articles released or blog, forums and other social media postings.

My first hand experience has seen that the growth and opportunities to engage with our customers or potential clients are abundant. Engaging with them on social platforms can build a greater relationship.

Have you ever used any tools to measure your social media engagements? If so what tools do you prefer?


5 thoughts on “Week 10: Social Analytics and CRM

  1. Hello –

    I’ve used both HootSuite and SproutSocial and really loved SproutsSocial due to the prices for reports. In terms of ease, HootSuite is a little easier to use to schedule things, but it’s also pretty cluttered in terms of user interface. Moving forward, I would prefer to use SproutSocial on a day to day basis for reports and managing content.

    – t.


  2. Years ago, I ran a Facebook page for a local family’s farm. The owners were testing the waters on converting from traditional farming to organic and wanted a fan page to see if there may be interested customers/clients in the area. The page was only up for a few months because the owners decided to halt all conversion plans due to some unforeseen financial stress. Therefore the page was deleted, and I did not acquire any worthy experience. However, I did try to make sense of the analytics section of Facebook. This was several years before I started this program, so I truly had no idea what I was doing. Although, I was able to see connections between spikes in visits and specific new information that I posted. For instance, whenever I posted a artful photograph of the farm, animals, equipment, etc., there would be a spike. And whenever I would post articles and quick snapshots of work on the farm, the traffic to the page seemed stagnate or lessened.

    I really do not like Facebook nowadays, and I actually do not even have an account. My preference is Twitter. I have used TweetDeck in the past, but not enough to voice an opinion.


  3. I’m sorry to say I have never run any social media forum for businesses and so have no experience to speak of. I am indeed missing a trick after the readings this week and after Wednesday’s class. My employer has not yet subscribed seriously to social media until recently with a Twitter account.

    I have asked people I know who work for companies using Twitter and they prefer Tweetdeck as an easy tool to organise their accounts. However, they have yet to utilise the analytics tools. I’m definitely passing on the new knowledge from this week and hope to gain some experience.


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